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Sylvester & Associates Lending Network Loan Program
At Sylvester & Associates Lending Network prides its self on the variety of loan programs that we offer. Our programs are available to those with both good and bad credit. Our loans range from $1,000 - $250,000, depending on the purpose of the loan. Below are some of the lending programs that we offer:

Personal Loans
Bad credit personal loans are our specialty. We can get you the funds you need to take care of your personal needs. So weather you just need some money to get caught back up on bills or you were looking to take that well deserved vacation, we can help you. Apply Now 

Debt Consolidation
Stop making minimal monthly payments. Turn your outstanding debt into one compounded affordable monthly payment. This is especially helpful for those with bad credit as it will help get you on the right track to being debt free. Consolidation loans start at $5,000 Apply Now

Automobile Loans
We can help get the vehicle that you desire whether it’s a new or used automobile. We provide competitive rates and like all our loan programs bad credit applicants are welcome to apply. Apply Now 

Student Loans
We provide a very helpful student loan program, as we understand that school is expensive and it requires loans to make it through. Our rates are student friendly and our re-payments are geared for de-ferment until you are out of school. Bad credit is welcome Apply Now 

Home Loans
We provide a wide variety of home loan programs to meet your needs. Even if you suffer from bad credit you are still more then welcome to apply for a home loan to take care of your needs. Some of the options we offer are:
oFirst Time Home Buyer
oHome Equity
oHome Improvement
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